Our school is committed to safeguarding and promoting
the welfare of children and young people. We expect all
staff, visitors and volunteers to share this commitment.

If you have concerns regarding the safeguarding or
welfare of any of our pupils, please contact Mrs M Scott
(Designated Safeguarding Lead), or Mrs Scott
(Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead).

St Joseph’s participates in Operation Encompass.
Following the report of an incident of domestic abuse,
school will be advised that the child has been involved.
Please see school website for further details

The Safeguarding and Child Protection policy can be

Home Page

Yellow Class

Welcome to the new yellow class

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Mrs Walsh

Join us in our quest to support the Summer of Hope

Hope for the summer

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Visit the Cafod website to get involved. There are lots of fundraising ideas you can do at home to go towards a lot of good causes during this time. We need your help!

You Are My Sunshine!

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Home Learning Ideas W/B 13th July and Summer Holidays

This week we have lots of different activities for you to try throughout this week and the summer holidays. There are English activities, maths activities and themed things to make and do. I hope that you enjoy doing these activities.


Times Tables Rockstars

Remember to keep logging into your Times Tables Rockstars account over the summer to become even better at your times tables facts.


Home Learning Ideas W/B 6th July 2020

Y4 Read and Respond Wallace and Gromit

Y5 Read and Respond Pixar Perfect

Y5 Moving On Up Transition Themed Learning

Home Learning Ideas Week Beginning 29th June

Times Tables Rockstars

Remember to keep rehearsing your times tables facts on Times Tables Rockstars. Currently, we are in fourth place in terms of speed and accuracy out of 25 local schools, which also includes local high schools! Let's see if we can all work together to be top of the local schools leader board.

Maths Logic Problems

Year 4 Read and Respond Run Wild

Y5 Read and Respond Space

Home Learning Week Beginning 22nd June 2020

PE activities- Please look at the section children on our webpage and you will find this week's PE learning and also information about Virtual Sports Day on 30th June.

Y4 Read and Respond Unit Water Water Part 2

Y5 Read and Respond Unit Space

Y5 Maths Fractions Activity

RE Doves Of Hopes

Home Learning Week Beginning 15th June 2020


Y4 Read and Respond Water Water

Y5 Read and Respond WW2 Pt2

Y4 Spelling Activity Booklet

Home Learning Week Beginning Monday 8th June

Hello Yellow Class. I hope that you are all well, keeping safe and had a lovely half term.

Please find below links to Home Learning for this week.

Year 4 Maths Number and Place Value Booklet

Year 4 Read and Respond The Secret Lake

Y5 Read and Respond World War Two

Half Term Activities

Medicspot is calling all St Joseph's Roman Catholic Primary School, Stacksteads, Bacup children to share their creative ideas to help encourage frequent hand washing. Find out how you can enter and win £500 for St Joseph's Roman Catholic Primary School, Stacksteads, Bacup here:


Get Set Eat Fresh

Learn about healthy eating and seasonality with lots of home learning ideas. Click on the link to find lots of activities


Times Tables Rockstars

Keep practising your times tables and play against your friends.


Lancashire School Games Holiday Activities

Lots of fun activities to do over half term. Click on the link to see some ideas-


First News Newspaper


The Joy of Moving Festival- Afternoon of Tuesday 19th May

Week beginning Monday 18th May

This week is Laudato Si week. It would be lovely if you could e - mail me any pictures or examples of your learning to

Be Kind...

Read and Respond Year 4 Fantastic Beasts

Read and Respond Year 5 Titanic

Maths- Forgot the number puzzle

Mindfulness Calm Jars

Lancashire Schools PE Timetable and Activities

Week beginning 11th May

Maths Puzzles Week

Click on the link to the nrich website to find lots of maths puzzles and problems to have a go at.


Rossendale Virtual Mile Competition

Creative Ideas for teaching Maths and English- Games

Click on the link to get some ideas to make a fun educational board game using both Maths and English skills.

Local History Detective Project

Year 4 Read and Respond- The Abominables and Year 5 Read and Respond- Inventions

We'll meet again

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Times Table Rockstars Battle Results

Well done to everyone that has taken part in our first ever Times Tables Rockstars Battle. The results are in!

Year 1- 414 points      Year 2- 427 points

Year 3- 63 points         Year 4 - 2118 points

Year 5 - 5847 points     Year 6- 3718 points


The overall winners were Year 5 with 5847 points smiley


Keep up the good work with your times tables practice and we will have another battle soon.


Mrs Sanderson


Mrs Sanderson message

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Week Beginning Monday 4th May


Lancashire Consultants- Ideas for Home Learning


RSSP Home Gymnastics Competition

Week 3 PE Timetable

Please click on the link to go to this weeks PE timetable with lots of activities.

VE Day BBC Video

First News Newspaper

Click the link to download this week's First News Newspaper.

Year 4 Read and Respond Unit- Performance Poetry

Year 5 Read and Respond- Danny Champion of the World

Week Beginning 27th April

First News 

Please click the link to read this week's edition of First News.


Lancashire Learning Consultants

Lancashire learning consultants have put together a video with lots of ideas from a variety of subjects such as science, maths and Geography.


Out of The Ark

Songs for every day with suggested activities attached to them. Free to access.

Home Schooling Ideas- Sweets

Parents and carers click on the link to find some maths and English activities (with guidance) all based around the theme of sweets.

Home Schooling Ideas- Clouds

Please click on the link to find some maths and English learning ideas linked to clouds.

Ancient Egypt Virtual Museum Tour

Chester Zoo Rainforest Expedition

Matilda and Theo The lost and found things


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Week Beginning 20th April 2020


Oak National Academy

As many of you may be aware, the Oak National Academy has created online learning which comprises of video lessons and activities for the children to complete. 

Parent Information-


Weekly Plan-

If your child is in Year 4 please complete the Year 4 resources and if they are in Year 5 complete the Year 5 resources.

I would love for you to E- mail me completed versions of any learning (screen shots can be taken or pictures) completed to:






Lancashire Libraries

Lancashire libraries are providing free access to e- books for both children and adults. All you have to do if sign up for free by following the link


Wasteaid are a great charity that work in Africa training waste collectors and recyclers and they have just started a free Virtual Safari . This is a great adventure for the children. You can virtually explore  Lion King country around Lake Naivasha in Kenya its packed full of activities . " Hakuna Matata " ! POSTER  and LINK below

KS2 Read and Respond Units

SEND Home Learning Ideas

Lancashire PE Learning at Home

Keeping active is very important and the PE team at Lancashire have put together some resources and ideas that you can do at home. 

Please click on the links: Year 3-6 (Overview)



Lancashire Professional Development Service

Please click on the link below to try some fun activities.


BBC Bitesize

The BBC has also created some online lessons. Please click on the link to access them . As with The Oak Academy resources, if you are in Year 4 please complete the Year 4 activities and if you are in Year 5 please complete the Year 5 activities. 

St George's Day Activities

Please click on the link below to find St George's Day Activities: 

FSC educational online activities on Friday 24th April and Thursday 30th April. Click on the link to sign up.



A message to you all from the staff

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Happy Easter to all of Yellow Class. Stay Safe. 
From Mrs Sanderson and Ms Perkins 😀.

Fabulous work by our kids in school...

Times Tables Rockstars 

Well done to everyone having a go at Times Tables Rockstars. Keep trying  to beat your score and improve your speed.

Downloadable Maths Activities with Parent Guides

SEND Resources and Links


Holy Week Resources and Activities

First News Edition W/B 6.4.20


Message from Mylo
I am missing all of you so much. I got a little bit bored so I ran off with Mummy’s (Mrs Elder’s) tea towel so that she would chase me. I am keeping her busy but am missing you all. Please look after yourselves and hopefully I will see you soon.
Love Mylo XX

Remember our safety rules whilst learning online and always check anything you are unsure about. If anything makes you feel unsure, don't forget STOP! BLOCK! TELL!


Home Learning Projects

NHS Nightingale, a hospital in London set up specifically to treat people with Covid 19,  would love children to draw some pictures to decorate the hospital. If you draw a picture please e- mail it to  where they will be forwarded on to the hospital.


Here is a useful website for parents and carers with lots of activities that you can do with your children


Spot the International Space Station in the evening sky whilst it orbits the Earth. To find times to see it check this website


Ongoing Maths Activities

Everyday maths activities that you can do:

  • Learn to tell the time- both analogue and digital and convert between the two times.
  • Bake and measure out your ingredients using scales- can you convert the measures between grams and kilograms and millilitres and litres?
  • Look at the weights of foods and items in your cupboards. Can you order them from the smallest to the largest weight?
  • Estimate the weights of items from your cupboards then check and work out the difference between your estimate and the actual weight.
  • Learn times tables by bouncing a ball and saying the multiples of a particular times table on the bounce of a ball.
  • Play games such as monopoly that involve maths.
  • Create your own maths games such as equivalent fractions snap.
  • Count any change that you have in a jar and work out the total.
  • Play battle ships by drawing a grid with co – ordinates on for you and a partner and guess where they have hidden their ships.


Sikhism Week W/B 30.3.20

This week we are learning all about the religion of Sikhism. Scroll down below to find the resources.



Rhema theatre have created some Easter videos. If you would like to watch them please ask an adult to sign up to the link below.


Please click on the link below to find some activities linked to Lent.,6SMG0,OOWBUD,R6XJ1,1



Joe Wickes is doing a PE workout every morning Monday to Friday at 9am on his YouTube channel.



Music with Myleene Klass on YouTube. Twice a week. Next one Friday 27th March 10am but can be viewed at any time.


Keep a diary or journal documenting what is happening in our world in these times.



Rainforest Project

Mrs Sanderson's E- mail address so that you can send me pictures of your projects:


Hello Yellow Class. I will be putting exciting learning projects on our class page over the next few weeks. The first project that I would like you to complete is a Rainforest project.

Here are some ideas for things that you could do linked to the different subjects for your project.


Using online maps or paper based maps locate and name some of the rainforests in the world. Where are they located in the world? What is the climate like in a rainforest? What plants and trees grow in a rainforest? Do people live in rainforests and are there any similarities or differences between where they live and where you live?


Imagine that you have travelled to the rainforest for a holiday. Write a diary account explaining what you have found and done in the rainforest. 

Write an adventure story set in the rainforest. Remember to include an opening, build up, dilemma, resolution and ending. Use your senses to describe the setting and remember to use some fantastic vocabulary.

Write a non fiction information text about an animal that lives in the rainforest. Carry out research first and make notes then put together your own information text.


How far away are various rainforests from your house? Plan a journey. Are the time zones the same as the UK. If they aren't calculate what time you would arrive in the rainforest and how long the journey would have taken. Can you convert the distance of your journey from kilometres into metres? Create a bar graph or line graph to show rainfall over a year in a rainforest.


Design your own miniature rainforest using a shoe box. You could make trees and plants out of paper and card or pipe cleaners and you could also paint or colour the background. You could even make some parts for you rainforest out of modelling clay or play dough!


Find out the words for rainforest and various animals, plants and trees that you might find there.


What are the main religions practised by people who live in the rainforests? 


I hope that you enjoy finding out all about rainforests and please take pictures of what you have done; I would love to see your projects.


I have also set some 2dos on purple mash and remember that all of the games are accessible too.


Take care 


Mrs Sanderson



First News Children's Newspaper

Please click on the link below to read this weeks edition of First News.

The Maths Factor

Have a go at the maths challenges on this free website. All you need to do is ask an adult to sign up for you. Have fun! Please remember to keep taking pictures of what you are doing and e- mail them to me at


David Walliams Elevenses

Log onto this website to hear David Walliams reading a story each day at 11am.



30 Day Lego Challenge

Daily Prayers

Welcome to Yellow class.

Mrs Sanderson is the teacher for Yellow Class and we are supported in our class by Ms Perkins who is an HLTA. Yellow Class is a mixed Year 4 and Year 5 class 

In English we are learning to write Fairy Tales and we will be moving onto poetry for our next topic.

In maths we are learning about 2D shapes and angles and then we will be learning about multiplication and division.

In Science we will be learning about sound and we will finding out how we hear sounds and conducting some investigations.

Our history topic is Ancient Greece and we are finding out about the Greek Empire and also everyday life and we will be placing events on a timeline. 

In Art we are learning how to use lots of different mediums to create drawings and we are studying the work of the famous artist Damien Hirst. 

In French we are learning how respond to classroom instructions, we are learning numbers and also colours and we will be listening to lots of French stories. We are also learning how to spell some masculine french nouns.

In RE we are learning about God's gift and the period of Advent.

We are learning about internet safety in ICT.

Every Friday, a coach from Accrington Stanley comes in to teach us PE. The focus for this half term is team building exercises.



RE Jesus and his Family Roleplay