Our school is committed to safeguarding and promoting
the welfare of children and young people. We expect all
staff, visitors and volunteers to share this commitment.

If you have concerns regarding the safeguarding or
welfare of any of our pupils, please contact Mrs M Scott
(Designated Safeguarding Lead), or Mrs Scott
(Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead).

St Joseph’s participates in Operation Encompass.
Following the report of an incident of domestic abuse,
school will be advised that the child has been involved.
Please see school website for further details

The Safeguarding and Child Protection policy can be

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Robins Class

Please see here for all the online learning content, resources and links.  Any updates regarding online learning can also be found below.


Online Learning 


Wednesday 8th December 2021



9:00am- Get ready for super learning! 

Make sure you have pen and paper ready smiley

9:15am- Phonics- Reading

9:35am- Phonics- Spelling 



We have been learning lots about wolves, looking at different facts. 

Using this information can you create a poster?

You could present it in a spider diagram or a fact file. laugh

Remember to write super sentences using capital letters and full stops! 

See if you can add some of the grammar focus in your sentences (but, and, so or). 


Maths- Talented Triangles and Smart Squares

The Advent Wreath 

The children have been learning all about Advent and preparing for the birth of baby Jesus. 

Please find attached a PowerPoint with information about the Advent Wreath. 

You have some exciting activities to complete this afternoon. 


In PSHE, we have been learning about kindness and the importance of working together as a team. 

Showing Kindness 

 How can you show kindness to others?              

Take a look at the PowerPoint provided below. 

Draw and Write about a time you have shown kindness to others.

Explain and discuss how this made you feel.                                             



Thursday 9th December 2021


9:15am- Phonics- Reading 

9:30am- Phonics- Spelling 



True or False

Can you write statements about wolves?

See if you can test someone at home, they have to guess whether the statement is true or false.

You must explain your answer to show your knowledge of wolves from our English topic. 


For example....

A wolf can survive on its on (true or false)

Answer is....... False

This statement is false because wolves cant survive on their own. Wolves need to stay in packs to hunt for food and provide protection. 


Maths- Talented Triangles and Smart Squares

The Great Fire of London 


We have had so much fun learning about the Great Fire of London. 

Below you will find three videos from Maureen the Mouse who explains the story. 

The children love Maureen!! 


This week we will be looking at Samuel Pepys and his diary.

Today, your task is to imagine that you are Samuel Pepys. You are going to write a diary extract as if you are him and are currently seeing the Great Fire of London in 1666. 

What would you write in your diary? 


Think about the structure and layout of a diary. Think back to our English topic, when we created a diary extract as Wilf.


Remember the key features of a diary e.g. 

Dear Diary, 




Year 1- Seasons 

The children have been learning about the four seasons. We have been observing the weather and looking at the changes during the different seasons. This week our focus is how winter affects animals and how they adapt to their environment. 


Previous learning- 

We looked at animals who migrate, hibernate and adapt. 

(Please see PowerPoint)

Draw and write about each animal, explaining how they adapt and the affects it has on them. 


Year 2- Habitats

The children have been learning about animals and their habitats. 

Can you draw and write about an animal and its habitat. 

You need to explain what a habitat means and what they need to survive. 


(See PowerPoint and resources available)

Friday 10th December 2021


9:15am - Phonics- Reading 

9:30am- Phonics- Spelling 



We have had so much fun learning about wolves over the past few weeks.

We have learnt some interesting facts! 



Draw and write your favourite facts. 

What have you enjoyed learning about? 



Maths- Talented Triangles and Smart Squares

Religious Education (RE) 

Mary visits her cousin Elizabeth 


This week we have been learning about the visit to Elizabeth and how Mary helped to prepare for the baby. 

We discussed the importance of being kind and helpful to others (links to PSHE)



Draw and write about how you can be helpful to others. 

It may be something you do at home or in school. 

You then need to carry out this good deed and reflect on what happened and how it made you feel. 


Advent is an important time to prepare for the birth of Jess. 

We have been learning about the Christmas story. 

You will find a PowerPoint and some resources for you to enjoy retelling the Nativity Story. 



This half term we have been learning about the United Kingdom. 

We first looked at the four countries that make up the UK.

(England, Northern Ireland, Wales and Scotland)


Over the past few weeks, we have looked closely at each country to learn about their different landmarks, history and capital cities. 

We had lots of fun learning interesting facts about each country. 

We used maps and atlases to locate and label different countries and their surrounding seas. 


Can you remember the four countries that make up the UK and their capital cities? 



Locate and label the UK map correctly. 

Further resources available to support and stretch your learning.