Our school is committed to safeguarding and promoting
the welfare of children and young people. We expect all
staff, visitors and volunteers to share this commitment.

If you have concerns regarding the safeguarding or
welfare of any of our pupils, please contact Mrs M Scott
(Designated Safeguarding Lead), or Mrs Scott
(Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead).

St Joseph’s participates in Operation Encompass.
Following the report of an incident of domestic abuse,
school will be advised that the child has been involved.
Please see school website for further details

The Safeguarding and Child Protection policy can be

Home Page

Blue Class

Welcome to Blue Class 

 God wants me to be the best me I can be 

Welcome to the new blue class

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Free Cycling sessions over the Summer holidays 

Set 1

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Set 2

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Set 3

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Join us in our quest for the Summer of Hope

Hope for the summer

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Visit the Cafod website to get involved. There are lots of fundraising ideas you can do at home to go towards a lot of good causes during this time. We need your help!

Welcome back Reception and Year 1

Times Tables Rockstars

Remember to keep rehearsing your times tables facts on Times Tables Rockstars. Currently, we are in fourth place in terms of speed and accuracy out of 25 local schools, which also includes local high schools! Let's see if we can all work together to be top of the local schools leader board.

Useful Links

You Are My Sunshine!

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We'll meet again

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Times Table Rockstars Battle Results

Well done to everyone that has taken part in our first ever Times Tables Rockstars Battle. The results are in!

Year 1- 414 points      Year 2- 427 points

Year 3- 63 points         Year 4 - 2118 points

Year 5 - 5847 points     Year 6- 3718 points


The overall winners were Year 5 with 5847 points ! 


Keep up the good work with your times tables practice and we will have another battle soon.


Mrs Sanderson

Be Kind...


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A message to you all from the staff

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Fabulous work by our kids in school...

Father's day card craft idea

Please send in any photos of pieces of work linked to this. It would be great to see it all!


Thank you 

Meerkat mail part 1

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Meerkat mail part 2

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Stay safe, stay together

May is the month of Mary

Supertato part 1

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Supertato part 2

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Purple Mash 


Just a reminder that purple mash is a fantastic resource that has daily activities for English, Maths, science, history, geography and  ICT. 


Any questions about this just drop me an email. 


Thank you

Home Gymnastics Competition

Mrs Blackhat

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Write a new spell that could help Mrs blackhat!

A message from Miss Taylor

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Remember our safety rules whilst learning online and always check anything you are unsure about. If anything makes you feel unsure, don't forget STOP! BLOCK! TELL!

Science Challenge

Pirate Topic

Time capsule 


We are creating a time capsule at school to remember this strange time in the future. Please send me some of the fantastic things you have been doing at home and I can add them to the time capsule. It could be photographs, a piece of writing, picture or anything else you have been doing. It should be something to be proud of that shows what amazing things you have been up to. 


Please send these to my email


Cannot wait to see them!


Miss Taylor 

Home learning Hub 


Follow the daily activities :) 

Free Books 


Lancashire Library service are offering free books. All you need to do is register using this link. 


Get reading!! 


The day the crayons quit 



Listen to this wonderful story. 

Pretend you are one of the Crayons. Write a letter to Duncan about how you feel. 
Think about your favourite colour. 

Keeping active!!!!


It is really important that you keep moving and keep active. 

The link below is a timetable of activities that change daily. These are really good short activities for children in year 1 and 2.  

Remember the more you can be outside the better. Plan a walk a day, have set times for being outside and make sure you take time to relax outside. 

Online learning 


The oak learning is a resource created by the government in has 3 lessons on per day. These can be broken down and spread out throughout the day. Oak learning is really good because you are taught by a teacher so it will feel more like school. All you need is a pen and pencil. 



BBC Bitesize have made an amazing new resource for each year group. The lessons are broken up into English, Maths and a topic lesson like History. These can be broken up throughout the day. 

Select the year group and the correct day and work through the activities. 



The Lancashire English team have a live youtube channel. This is great for quick English lessons. these are being added to daily. 


Have a go at both of these. If you have any questions or want to show me any of your fantastic home learning please email me. 


Cannot wait to see you all again. I am missing you all very much!


Love Miss Taylor 

Home Learning timetable  


Joe wicks or Lancashire get active


RWI on YouTube


Snack and free time


Home learning packs

New resources on the website 

TT Rockstars


Lunch time


Be outdoors

Be active, take part in the active outdoor activities on the website




Share a story

Good Friday

TT Rock stars 


You have been sent your log ins for Times Tables Rock Stars. Get practising and beating your previous score!



The last supper


At the passover meal Jesus took a towel and washed the feet of his friends, his  disciples. They were all shocked as this was a servants job. Jesus explained that you must be willing to serve one another, as i have served you. Then he told his friends that one of them would betray him. Jesus knew who it was and told Judas to go and do what he had to do. That night he betrayed Jesus. That night Jesus told his friends how much he loved them and he was going to die for them. He explained that he would not leave them alone. He explained that God would send his spirit. Jesus took a loaf of bread, thanked God for the food and shared it around, explaining it was his body. He did the same with the wine and told them this was his blood. 

When the meal was over they all went to pray in the garden of Gethsename. 




Draw a picture of the Last Supper


Add speech bubbles to explain what Jesus says.  

Palm Sunday 


today is the day we remember Jesus riding into Jerusalem on a donkey! Everyone rejoiced and waved palms at Jesus to welcome and praise him! 

Design a palm using your hand prints and wave them at Jesus. 
Say a prayer to Jesus thanking him for what he is about to do! 


Message from Mylo

I am missing all of you so much. I got a little bit bored so I ran off with Mummy’s (Mrs Elder’s) tea towel so that she would chase me. I am keeping her busy but am missing you all. Please look after yourselves and hopefully I will see you soon.
Love Mylo XX

Hairy Maclary from Donaldson's Dairy - Books Alive!

Books Alive! presents a reading of the Lynley Dodd classic Hairy Maclary. Hairy Maclary's friends join him for a walk until, with a sudden yowl, a wail and a...

Read Hairy Maclary by Lynley Dodd Read and enjoy this wonderful rhyming book about a dog named Hairy Maclary. Get to know him and all his doggy friends! 

Live phonics lessons

These phonics lessons will be daily from Monday till Friday. 

Watch the set 2 and 3 lessons daily please 

Thank you to all the children who have sent in work they have been doing at home. I will be adding the pictures to the website. 


It is essential that you keep some structure during this tough time. 


  • Wakeup with Joe Wicks 
  • Phonics lessons available throughout the day on YouTube
  • Maths Challenge
  • Creative challenge
  • Read a story
  • Share a story
  • Reflection and Prayer time
  • Cosmic Kids yoga

Spring Scavenger Hunt 

Find a yellow follow

Find 3 different shaped leaves

Name 3 things you see in the sky 

Find 3 living things 

Collect 3 colourful items 

Find something that grows and is green 

Find some water 

Find something that crawls

Find 2 birds



Create an picture using the things you have found 

Set your family a challenge to find different items 

Order the items you found from largest to smallest, can these be measured in cm?


Maths Project

Everyday maths activities that you can do:

  • Learn to tell the time- both analogue and digital and convert between the two times.
  • Bake and measure out your ingredients using scales- can you convert the measures between grams and kilograms and millilitres and litres?
  • Look at the weights of foods and items in your cupboards. Can you order them from the smallest to the largest weight?
  • Estimate the weights of items from your cupboards then check and work out the difference between your estimate and the actual weight (using grams and kilograms).
  • Learn times tables by bouncing a ball and saying the multiples of a particular times table on the bounce of a ball.
  • Play games such as monopoly that involve maths.
  • Create your own maths games such as snakes and ladders.
  • Count any change that you have in a jar and work out the total.

This is a really useful document to go through with your children all about the coronavirus

The Maths Factor 


The maths factor is a free resource It has some great videos and activities to work through. 


Phonics Play 


Phonics play has fun and interactive games. 


Story time 


Every day at 6pm Oliver Jeffers is sharing a story, he is one of Blue class' favourite Authors. 



Keeping active 


Dancing with Oti Mabuse  live dance classes everyday 

Home learning promise 


I promise to add you updates most days to keep you going through this strange time. Please try to keep busy and maybe even learn a new skill. See you all very soon, I hope. 


Here is my email address. 

Please drop me any questions or any pictures of your home learning challenges. I cannot wait to see them! 

Maths Challenge 


Create a supermarket in your house, price up some items and get your family to come and buy some items from your shop. 



Can you add the items costs together and give change. 

Creative challenge 


Can you paint an egg for Easter. Ask a grown up to hard boil an egg, let it cool then decorate with paint or felt tips. 


Make chocolate Easter Egg nests using your favourite cereal. Fill them with mini eggs and enjoy!


Create an Easter hat, what could you use to decorate it with?


Send me any photos and I will add them onto the website. 


Thank you 

Go on an outdoor adventure 


Draw and paint what you can see in your garden or around your house. Even go on a bug hunt. Keep a journal just like Charles Darwin would. 

Times tables 


Practise your 2s, 5s, 10s and even 3s in and out of order. 

YouTube has lots of fun songs and games to help you. 


Division facts 

Purple Mash


Purple mash is a fantastic online learning website


Every child has an individual log in, these have been sent home. If for any reason you do not have one of these. Let me know via email and I will send you your log in. 




Home Learning Challenges 


Here are a few ideas to do at home with your family. 


Bake a cake 

Make a den 

Plan a nature walk 

Go to the park 

Go on a 3d shape hunt 

Learn a new song 

Create an Easter picture 

Write a prayer 

Practise your Times tables 

Learn about Animals 

Read a new book and tell someone about it 

Write a story 

Learn a new skill 

Practice your phonics 



Make sure you keep active, there are loads of resources to keep active online. There are some Cosmic kids yoga and stories videos on you tube. 


We promise to keep updating the class page with ideas during this time. 



Miss Taylor and Miss Clawson 




Reading information for parents

The Church

Being Explorers

Shrove Tuesday and Ash Wednesday

Movable Vehicles

Curriculum overview Autumn 2019

Christmas Party

Parents Christmas Stay and Play

Blue Class have been learning all about pirates. We had a special delivery from a pirate boy called Jim Lad. He sent us some treasure and a book called the pirates next door. We have been learning all about life as a pirate and this week will be writing our own pirate adventures. As the homework treat we made pirate hats. 


In maths we have been looking at place value and have enjoyed starting each lesson with a maths problem. Every day we practice our timetables and are trying really hard on learning our 2s in and out of order.


Our geography topic is based on our local area. We have a walk around the school grounds and had a look at what we could see in our local area. This week will be using google maps and finding out all about our town.


In art we have been looking at the work of Monet and we create our own garden landscape in his style.

In science we are learning about plants. We planted some plants and have been making sure they grow by watering them daily and keeping them in a safe place.


PSHE using kind words

Our visit from Father Boast

Our independent learning time

Keeping our body healthy


Our first photo

The Pirates Next Door