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Home Page

Blue Class

Blue Class 

God wants me to be the best me I can be! 

Good Morning Blue Class 

I hope you had a good Christmas and a Happy New Year!


I have attached the overview for this weeks home learning. 

There will be two Zoom sessions starting from Tuesday 5th January. We will be adding additional materials onto the class page. All resources can be printed at school, please ask if you need them printing. 

It is vital that all children join in with the zoom lessons daily and access the home learning work set on the website. 

Please follow this timetable daily. 


If you need anything please email 


Thank you 

Miss Taylor and Miss Clawson

I have attached the link above to last years Blue Class page. 

There are videos on the page that go through the pronunciation of  set 1, 2 and 3 phonics sounds. Please play these to your children and ask them to repeat the sounds. This will help all children when it comes to the phonics zooms. 

Thank you

Dear Parents, this is the revised remote learning timetable for the different classes. They will commence from Wednesday 6th January. 



 9.00-9.30 Blue and Purple Class Zooms


9.30-10.00 Red and Green Class Zooms


10.00-10.30 Yellow Class Zoom


10.30-11.00 Red and Green Class Zooms


11.00-11.30 Blue and Purple Class Zooms


11.30-12.00 Yellow Class Zoom 

Daily Timetable

Topic lessons 18.01.2021

Topic lessons 11.01.2021

Phonics sounds

Still image for this video

Week commencing 18.01.2021




The world that God made

Watch the clip on BBC bitesize 

This clip is useful to demonstrate the idea of God as the creator of everything. Which of these things made you feel happy, amazed, sad or worried. Why? . Do the images from the clip show aspects people care about today/ take for granted/ ignore/ do not care at all?

Finally, if you had the power to create something, what would that be? Why?




In this lesson, we will be learning how to use our body to show pulse in different ways and how to match the rhythm pattern to the pulse. 


Science - Mammals 

Activity – draw a mammal of your choice and label the key features of mammals  

Challenge: What does this animal eat? Is it an omnivore, herbivore, or carnivore? Write this in a sentence 


History – Emmeline Pankhurst 

Activity – create a timeline of the main events in chronological order. Include dates and important information such as people and what they did. Then add drawings to show what happened.   



Go through the PowerPoint about artist Richard Long. 

Create a collage 


Maths- Week commencing 18.01.2021



Counting in 2s

Activity- find pairs in your house, count in 2s (pairs of shoes or socks)



2 timetables

Write out 2 timetables in order

Practise counting in 2s

Challenge out of order

Use hit the button 2 timetables



Counting in 5s

Complete the worksheet



Write out 5 timetables in order

Practise counting in 5s

Challenge out of order



Timetables challenge

Complete the ultimate timetable challenge

Worksheet on the website

Time yourself we will come back to this in a few weeks time.  



Friday Maths resources

Week commencing 11.01.2021



  Create a fact file on the UK



Herbivores, carnivores and omnivores.

Go through the videos.

Group animals under the different headings, Herbivores, carnivores and omnivores 



Feeding of the 5000

Read through the PowerPoint (download from 11.01.2021 resources). 

Retell the story as if you were there with Jesus 



Listen and watch the video to find the pulse.



Andy Goldsworthy collage

Go through PowerPoint (download from 11.01.2021 resources)

Outdoor leaf art

Maths 11.01.21


Ordering and counting on 



Addition on a number line 


Draw your own number line from 0-20. 

See resources for follow up activity (this does not need to be printed). 



ordering numbers and comparing numbers 

See resources for follow up activity (this does not need to be printed). 



Ordering by size 


Use objects found around your house, order them from smallest to biggest. Tallest to shortest. Can you think of any other ways to order them?




Odd and even numbers 

Group odd and even numbers together to 20. 

Challenge is there anything you notice about odd and even numbers?



Find one more and one less 

find ten more and ten less 

Friday mastery challenge 

Can you find a way to work this out without writing the counting numbers yourself? 



Daily stories are under the video resource center, follow the link below. 

Thank you

Love monster

Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video

Hairy Maclary

Still image for this video


Still image for this video

Shape hunt

Daily topic activities



Go through the PowerPoint, sort animals into the correct category. 



Map of the UK 

Label UK map and colour each country.



Log on to Purple Mash and access the to dos. 

Lego builders 



Jesus in the temple 

Go through the PowerPoint. 

Complete the worksheet 

How do you think Mary and Jesus felt?

Maths Challenge

Tricky words

For the maths lesson you will need some counters (Sweets, grapes, pennies could be used instead).

Home learning Blue Class


It is really important to keep working hard at home.

Make sure you keep to a routine. School work will be added to the website daily. Miss Taylor, Miss Bellamy and Miss Clawson will be keeping a close eye on you all.


If you have any questions or need any support at home please email


Thank you

Blue Class Staff


Special delivery


Still image for this video

Houses for the Elf

Creative learning

Our Nativity

Advent Mass

Clay animals

Our visit from Princess Pearl

Christmas story

Still image for this video

Zig Zag book



Phonics- Join the zoom 


English and RE 

Watch the Christmas Story,the%20visits%20from%20the%20shepherds%20and%20wise%20men. 


Create a Zig Zag book (Follow the folding instructions) of the Christmas Story. 


- Characters 

- Descriptive sentences 

- Beautiful drawings 


Maths- Number Facts 

Complete the activities 





Still image for this video


Still image for this video


How many coffee capsules were in my jar?

Can you count in 2s to find the answer? 
any other ways of counting? 

Love monster

Still image for this video
Part 1


Still image for this video
Part 2


Still image for this video
The story telling fish
Part 1


Still image for this video
Part 2


Miss Taylor will be organising Zoom sessions for Phonics. 

Please email Miss Taylor needs an email to set up the Zoom. These will be at 10am daily starting from Tuesday the morning session will last 30 minutes. 

All of you must try and attend. 



English read and respond unit




Follow the link of BBC Bitesize for addition. 



using practical resources you have at home make some addition sentences 







using practical resources you have at home make some subtraction sentences 




Number bonds 

We have been working so hard on number bonds. 

Write all the addition and subtraction number bonds. 

time your self, see if you can beat your time. 



Data handling 

This links well into our Computing topic 


can you make your own Pictogram. Think about what you could be finding out? Who could you ask? 




Our focus this term is 2 timetables 



use an egg box fill up each side, this will support your counting in twos. 






Revisit the learning on animals. 

Create a factfile on your favourite animal. 



Emmeline Pankhurst- Suffragettes Watch the clips on the link and write a few sentences about the Suffragettes.   



Access Purple Mash online. 

There are some todos set. 



Watch the Advent clip. 

Write an advent prayer. 



Create a drawing based on the character Zog. 




Friday home learning 




Follow the Joe Wicks 



Number bonds to 10 

Addition and subtraction number bonds to 10 








Write your letter to Father Christmas 

Send it to


Santa/Father Christmas
Santa's Grotto




Ay sound 




Supersquad is out on the 29th October



Continuous provision

Thank you to everyone who has been emailing work to me! It has been wonderful to see how busy you are!


Keep it coming! 

Thank you 

Home learning packs were sent home as a guide for things to do during lockdown! Please feel free to do it at your own pace at home! I have set extra daily challenges on the website linked to our current topics in school. 


Click here for activities you can do with your

parents/carers to help you with online safety at home


Class Dojo 

Follow the link and see Mojos Big ideas! 

Class Dojo is a great way of sharing ideas through messages and portfolios! 


If any parents need help registering then please email me and I can help!


Thank you 

Miss Taylor

Home learning Week 2 


Please continue to work through the packs. 





2d shapes. 

Go on a 2d shape hunt around your house and garden.

Make a list of what you have found. 



3d shapes

What 3d shapes can you find in your kitchen cupboards? Sort all the cubes together, cuboids, spheres and cylinders. Take photos. 



Properties of 3d shapes

using the objects you found yesterday create a 3d shape tower. 




Create your own Tessellation.  



Counting in 10s!

Practise counting forwards and backwards in tens. 



English- Grammar and spellings week  



Play the Noun quiz


Tuesday- Verbs

Write sentences with exciting verbs. 



Wednesday- Adjectives 

An adjective is a word that describes a noun (the name of a thing or a place).




Thursday- Practice reading I, the, said, you, when and were.

Challenge add into a sentence. 



Science- Human body

See BBC link, go through activities. 

Draw yourself and label your body parts. Think about the 5 senses. 



Describe your local area. What is the name of your street, town and city you live in? Do you live near a shop, a park or a woods?


Art- Drawing 

Create an Autumn picture. 


PSHE- Healthy living 

Create a healthy food poster. 





Friday- English, look at the picture and write the word. Use Fred Fingers to help with spelling.

Purple Mash 


I have set some to dos linked to our topics. Please work your way through these. 

Write up your Supertato Story using the Purple Mash app. 


Please email on or contact school if you would like your child's Purple mash log in!

Thank you

Brilliant home learning!

Well done to all the children who have kept busy! Here are a few fantastic examples! Please keep them coming in to my email! 

Thank you 





Supertato by Olivia Sanders

Still image for this video
Wonderful Supertato story by Olivia Sanders


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video

Supertato story by Olivia Sanders

Home Learning 


In science we are learning about Living things and their habitats. 


Work through the videos and the quiz. 

Create a factfile on an animal of your choice! 



In Geography we are learning about our wonderful world! 


use this link to research all about the UK. 

Write about the UK. 


In RE we are learning about God's wonderful world. 

Read the powerpoint about creation. 

Write a prayer to God thanking him for creating the world. 


In English we are writing our own story based on Supertato. 

Write your own version of Supertato, think about the characters, setting, problem and solution. 



In maths we are learning about Number and Place value. 

See the daily maths activities. 

Tuesday- Number bonds to 10. 


Watch the Farmer Pete video on Youtube and practice writing numbers bonds to 10. Challenge yourself to recite them from memory. 



Tens and ones 

Follow the link and complete the activities 



counting on a number line 



Ordering numbers 




Colour monster 

Create your own feeling jars linked to the story of Colour monster (Sheet was put into home learning pack). 



Follow the Cosmic kids Yoga on Youtube for Yoga, stories and fun!



We will be sending the log ins for Purple mash home. 




create different surfaces using tissue paper and then use pens, pencils, coloured pencils and crayons to make different marks. How does this change the texture and look of the marks?



watch the daily phonics lessons on Youtube- RWI phonics.


Please work your way through this work through the week!

If you have any questions please email me on


Thank you 

Please have a look at the RWI phonics sounds on the archived Blue Class page!


Thank you



PE is on a Friday please send your child into school in a white T-shirt, black pants and pumps. 


Reading books will be sent home weekly, they will be changed the following week. 

First few weeks in Blue Class

Welcome back 


Hello Blue Class
Teacher- Miss Taylor 

Teaching Assistant- Miss Clawson

We would just like to say a big welcome back, we have missed you! Hope you have stayed safe and kept busy during the holidays! 

Please do not worry about coming into school on Wednesday we have organised lots of fun activities and we cannot wait to learn together again! 

If you have any questions or worries please speak to us at school! 


We are currently reading Supertato in English!