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staff, visitors and volunteers to share this commitment.

If you have concerns regarding the safeguarding or
welfare of any of our pupils, please contact Mrs Elder
(Designated Safeguarding Lead), or Mrs Scott
(Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead).

St Joseph’s participates in Operation Encompass.
Following the report of an incident of domestic abuse,
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Home Page

Red Class

Welcome to Red Class


God wants me to be the best me I can be.

Please note the zooms are only for reception pupils not for nursery. Nursery can access activities on the class webpage. Thank you. 

Reading information

If your child is in Reception, you should have all received the class login details by email to access the electronic reading books on the Oxford Owl website. Please let me know if you have any problems logging on or selecting the right books. 


Thank you and happy reading! :-) 

Reception daily Timetable Starting from: Monday 18th January 2021



Where to find it.








Phonics revision: new sounds we have learnt last week:


r j v y w z

Activities will be set throughout the week to practise these new sounds.

Children will be assessed on zoom on Friday (they will be allocated a 5 minute slot each).


Class webpage.




Zoom (approximately 20 minutes)


Communication, language and literacy focus this week.


Mrs Scott to email the link.



10.00- 10.15am

Phonics play games.


Usename: jan21


Password: home


10.15-10.30 am





Maths Zoom (approximately 20 minutes)


Mrs Scott to email the link.






Maths follow up activity



On class web page.



Lunch time






1.00-1.30 pm

Tricky words on class page

Free books on:

Log in details have now been emailed for Oxford owl website to access sound blending books. 


On class web page.




1.30-2.00 pm

Free choice






Topic based activity



On Class web page.


Class teacher or teaching assistant reading a story


Video on class webpage.

Week Commencing: 18th January 2021

Revision of our new sounds

Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video

Our book of the week for our language sessions

Key vocabulary from our story

Matching language words to example pictures

Tricky words for the week

Monday 18th January resources

This week we are learning about other animals that live in cold places. Read the polar bear facts.

Tuesday 19th January 

Ways of making 5 Maths Tuesday

Learn more about the arctic.

Make your own Arctic scene. This is one we have made in class.

Wednesday 20th January 

Design and make your own polar bear.

Thursday 21st January

R.E Talk about a special birthday you have celebrated. Design a birthday cake of your own.

Celebrations Topic


Design and make your own party. 


Play some traditional party games at home: musical bumps, statues etc. 


 Have a quiet moment together to reflect on and appreciate the joy of celebrating together.




Friday 22nd January 

Friday Maths-Our Silly number fun with Miss Goodwin. 

Get ready because your going to get very active! 

 Dough Disco!!!!

Instead of topic work for our Friday session this week, we will be doing dough disco with Shonette as part of our fine motor work. 


If you want to take part in the dough disco session, you will need a small ball of dough or playdoh. 

(you can make your own). 


The link is below:



Activity from maths lesson today example. Friday 8th January

Words to practice reading from reception phonics session today

Phonics lesson r from today

Reception daily Timetable Starting from: Monday 11th January 2021



Where to find it.








Phonics play games


Usename: jan21


Password: home


Zoom phonics (approximately 20 minutes)


Mrs Scott to email the link.



10.00- 10.15am





Consolidate new sound by writing it.


Practise blending new words.

Model template can be found on the class web page for the new sounds.



10.15-10.30 am






Maths Zoom (approximately 20 minutes)


Mrs Scott to email the link.








Maths follow up activity



On class web page.





Lunch time






1.00-1.30 pm

Tricky words on class page and free reading books on


On class web page.




1.30-2.00 pm

Free choice








Topic based activity



On Class web page.


Class teacher or teaching assistant reading a story


Video on class web page.


Monday 11th January resources

Phonics handwriting sheet optional for the letter j

Snake stripes counting activity for Monday's maths lesson follow up activity.

Our tricky words this week to read and spell.

This week we are going to be learning about penguins. Watch the power point by the Go Jetters. They are visiting the continent of Antartica. You may need a grown up to read it with you. 


Task: Draw a mini fact file or spider diagram of what you have learnt. 

Story time with Mrs Scott

Still image for this video
Tuesday 12th January resources

Phonics handwriting sheet optional for the letter v

Counting with Pip the penguin Tuesday's maths follow on activity.

Pictures from the maths activity in the classroom

Being imaginative: Learn this song and perform it. Get a grown up to record you so that it can be sent to your teacher.

Today's story time with Mrs Scott can be viewed on the video resource link. 

Go to the tab children, then select video resource centre.


The story today is the Runaway Pea by Kjartan Poskitt and Alex Willmore. 

Wednesday 13th January resources

Phonics handwriting sheet optional for the letter y

Eye spy: Maths lesson follow on activity.

 Please note you do not need to print this. You can zoom out (50%) to view if you wish on screen. 

Topic: Learn how to draw your own penguin.

Thursday 14th January resources

Phonics handwriting sheet optional for the letter w

Maths follow on activity: Number writing practise. 


More or less than activity

This week in R.E, we are discovering what a celebration is and how people celebrate. Look at the pictures on the powerpoint and talk about them. 

Make a list of all the things you celebrate or draw pictures. 


Story time with Mrs Scott

Still image for this video
Friday 15th January resources

Phonics handwriting sheet optional for the letter z

Make your own number hearts to match quantities.

Talk about an exciting adventure you have been on. Draw or write about it.


Story time with Mrs Scott

Still image for this video

Physical activity: 


Cosmic Yoga:

Nursery Section

Suggested activities for the week.



to access a range of free and exciting books. 



This is a fantastic website for lots of home learning ideas for your little ones. 

Help with Mobile Data


If you do not have fixed broadband at home and cannot afford additional data for your devices, we may be able to apply on your behalf to temporarily increase your data allowance while your child cannot attend school.


The scheme is currently available on the following networks: Three, Smarty, Virgin Mobile, EE, Tesco Mobile and Sky Mobile. Other providers may join the scheme in the future.


In order to apply on your behalf, we will need to know:


  • the name of the account holder
  • the number of the mobile device
  • the mobile network of that device (for example Three)


You cannot apply directly, all applications must be made through school.


We also have a small supply of Vodafone data only SIMs which can provide 30GB to use for 90 days. These can be used on a smart laptop/dongle or a smartphone. If your phone is locked to another network, you would need to contact your provider to request for your phone to be unlocked. You would also not be able to use your phone to make calls/texts while using the data SIM.


If you would like to take up either of these options, please respond to my email address. If you are interested in us applying to increase your data allowance, you must provide the information set out above. If you are interested in a Vodafone data only SIM, this would need to be collected from school.

Important information. 

Dear Parents and Guardians, 

                                              as you will be aware our school will be delivering remote online learning for our pupils. Please note the Red class zooms are for Reception pupils only, nursery are not required to take part in online zooms. 


If parents would like to collect a home learning pack for either nursery or reception pupils, they will be available to collect from Tuesday 5th January from the school office. 

Alternatively, I will be putting some activities for all pupils on this class page. Please try to complete some of the tasks. They can be emailed to me at:


If you haven't emailed your email address, please can you do so if you are a parent of  a reception pupil as the links for the zoom meetings will be sent via email. 


Thank you for your support :-) 


Online learning timetable for Zooms. 

Dear Parents, this is the revised remote learning timetable for the different classes. They will commence from Wednesday 6th January. 



 9.00-9.30 Blue and Purple Class Zooms


9.30-10.00 Red and Green Class Zooms


10.00-10.30 Yellow Class Zoom


10.30-11.00 Red and Green Class Zooms


11.00-11.30 Blue and Purple Class Zooms


11.30-12.00 Yellow Class Zoom 


Remote learning tasks are below for our new topic: 
The Chilly Arctic
Our Class topic this term is called "The chilly arctic". To begin with this week, we are going to be learning about Winter. Check out the activities below to learn more about this. 

Read about Winter...

Make your own Winter fact file. Draw about your experiences of the snow in the holidays. You can add photographs if you like. 

Get creative! Design your own hats and scarfs. You don't need to print the document below, it is just an example. You can make your own.

Make your own snowflakes.


Snowflake counting


Watch the counting video.


Practise counting to 20. 

Merry Christmas from Red Class!


Click the link below to watch our Christmas performance...

What did the animals think about the birth of Jesus?

Still image for this video

This term our topic is celebrations. This week we have been learning about bonfire night traditions. 

We have had a great time learning this week indoors and outdoors. 

Our firework pictures

Experimenting with pipes and conkers.

Red classes remembrance display.

Click here for activities you can do with your

parents/carers to help you with online safety at home


Friday 23rd October 2020


Good morning Red Class. 
Let’s start today with some fun


After watching the video, practise writing the sounds we have learnt in class so far: 


m a s d t i n o p g

Can you make any three letter words with these letters? 
e.g. mat   dog   

Can you make your own pumpkin bingo game?

Spooky potions

Can you make your own potion?


What will you put in it? Make a list. 
Get a grown up to help you get the things you need. 
Find some bowls and safe utensils. 
Add some water-food colouring if you have some. 
You can also do this activity outside or in the sink. 

What will your potion do? Turn you into a frog a princess or something else? ðŸ™‚

I look forward to seeing your spooky creations. 

Wednesday 21st October and Thursday 22nd October


Hello everyone. For the next two days I am adding some activities that you can pick and choose from to give you more flexibility. 
Please don’t feel the need to print out any of the suggested sheets you can make your own up if you don’t have a printer at home. 



This booklet has lots of reading and listening activities to choose from. Pick some that you like.

Some great ideas for make believe play...

Ideas of helping around the home...


Please follow the link:


Start lessons 5 and 6 around counting.

Tuesday 20th October 2020

Good morning everyone. I hope you enjoyed the Elmer activities yesterday? 
Please continue to email me this week with any work you have done at:


Today we are going to be thinking about friendship and what makes a good friend. 




Make your own poster of how you can be a good friend.

Monday 19th October 2020


Good morning Red Class. Unfortunately our class bubble has had to close today. I am going to be putting some fun things on our class page so please take a look and have a go at some of the activities.


Today we are going to be listening to the story of Elmer. 


Click on the link below to listen to the story by David Mckee.





Design your own Elmer

In the story, we learn that Elmer is unique and different from all the other elephants in his herd.


Write a list of what makes you unique. 



Lesson 1:Colour, size and patterns

Understanding the world lesson:


How to be a good friend. Listen to the story:

Listen to this amazing video about hedgehogs...

Still image for this video

Home Learning Day 8: Thursday 15th October


Task 1: Practise some of the sounds we have learnt so far and play this game:


Task 2: Play underwater counting:


What number can you count up to?

How many objects can you count accurately?


Task 3: 

Have a go at making a 3D pumpkin. 

Home Learning Day 7: Wednesday 14th October


Well-being Day


Task 1:

 Help a grown up make a healthy snack for yourself. 


Task 2: 

Put some relaxing music on and close your eyes. Think about the breathing exercises we have been learning in class. Have some quiet time to think about what you like and who you care about.


Task 3: Draw a picture of all your favourite things.


Task 4: Help a grown up clean up. This may be tidying your toys or your bedroom.


Task 5: Make a card for someone you love to cheer them up. 


Home Learning Day 6: Tuesday 13th October


Task 1: Watch Alphablocks lesson on blending words together


Task 2: Maths lessons 7 and 8


Task 3: Music


This is Me Music lesson


Task 4: Learn about woodland habitats



Home Learning Day 5: Monday 12th October


Good morning Red Class. Thank you so much for your fantastic work your parents have been emailing me. I have loved seeing all your bats!


Today we are going to be learning a bit more about the season: Autumn.



Task 1: Visit this website to dress Lecky the Alien for the different types of weather/seasons.

Talk about why Lecky needs to wear different items of clothing depending on the weather and season.


Task 2: 

Read the power point about Autumn. 

Draw all the things you like about Autumn.


Task 3:


Maths lessons 4 and 5 (continued from last week)


Task 4:


Watch our phonics lesson on our new sound "O"





Home Learning Day 4


Good morning Red Class. Happy Friday! 
I hope you enjoyed learning about nocturnal animals yesterday. 
Today we are learning about bats. 

Task 1 

Research what a real bat looks like and where they live. 

Task 2

Read some fact cards about bats. 


Fact cards about bats

Make your own bats



Todays maths lessons are lessons 2 and 3 followed on from the sorting session 1

Click on the link below for lesson 2:


Lesson 3 will precede the second lesson. 





Note to parents: 


Thank you so much to everyone who sent me their work yesterday by email. It was great seeing all your photographs. Well done for having a go. 


Parents please don’t feel overwhelmed by the packs sent home. We just wanted to provide a range of activities in case people did not have access to printers. There is no expectation to complete the whole pack. Alternatively, your child can access these activities instead on our class page or do a mixture 😀

Home Learning Day 3


Thursday 8th October 


Today we are going to be learning about nocturnal animals. 
Watch the video by clicking on the link:


More information about nocturnal animals



Draw and label your favourite nocturnal animal. 

Play the what can you see game...



Watch and complete the maths lesson on sorting. 
This is really fun.

Home Learning Day 2

Wednesday 7th October 


Hello Red Class.
Your first task today is to learn about hedgehogs. Read the slides about hedgehogs and make your own fact book about them. 

Remember to email  pictures of your work to:

Autumn themed maths activity for the morning...

Hedgehog art

Be creative and make your own hedgehog! I can’t wait to see them. 

Home Learning Day 1


Tuesday 6th October 


Good morning Red Class. I hope you are all ok. 
Today I would like you to practise writing your name and your numbers. You can find some number activities in your home learning pack. 


Make your own Autumn picture

Collect some leaves from your garden and make a picture or collage with them.

Design your own pumpkin


         Welcome to Red Class

The staff in Red class are: 
Mrs Scott Class Teacher and Deputy Head

Miss Goodwin & Miss Colak Teaching Assistants




Red Class have had a great start and have loved their first few days last week. All the children have had the opportunity to explore our indoor and outdoor classrooms. 

All children have been given a peg with their names on to help them recognise the letters in their names. 


Important Information


In the mornings children are asked to put their purple book bags in the box provided and their packed lunches in the basket. We encourage children to bring flat book bags, no rucksacks please as we have limited space to store these. 


On Thursdays and Fridays,  Red class will take part in a P.E session with the Accrington Stanley trained coaches. Please can your child come to school dressed in their P.E kits. This should consist of:

  • a plain white T-shirt
  • black shorts/joggers for cooler weather
  • black pumps (no trainers please)
  • Children can wear their school jumper/cardigan over the top of their PE kits. 


From Friday, Reception pupils will be sent home with a homework task and a set of key words to learn to read. The children will be tested on the words every Wednesday. Please can you help your child learn these words. 

Children will be sent home reading books soon. 


This term our topic is "Amazing Me". The children will be talking about themselves, their families, likes and dislikes, pets and things that interest them. 



As the weather is so unpredictable and is  getting colder, please ensure your child brings to school a warm hat and gloves. 



If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to speak to a member of the team.