Our school is committed to safeguarding and promoting
the welfare of children and young people. We expect all
staff, visitors and volunteers to share this commitment.

If you have concerns regarding the safeguarding or
welfare of any of our pupils, please contact Mrs M Scott
(Designated Safeguarding Lead), or Mrs Scott
(Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead).

St Joseph’s participates in Operation Encompass.
Following the report of an incident of domestic abuse,
school will be advised that the child has been involved.
Please see school website for further details

The Safeguarding and Child Protection policy can be

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Exciting Lessons

Life Education session

Steven from Coram Life Education services delivered a very important session today on dealing with peer pressure. 



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Exploring fossilisation with salt dough

Rock Star Day with Rock Kidz

Shadow puppets

We have been looking at how shadows are created when light, which travels in straight lines, is blocked by an opaque object. We looked at how to make them bigger and smaller.

Children’s Mental Health Week

We have taken part in lots of activities this week along the theme of ‘Let’s Connect’.

Safer Internet Day

We have taken part in some activities related to Online Safety.

NSPCC Number Day

For our Number Day activities, the children in Eagles took part in a Crime Scene Investigation, where we had to solve maths puzzles and games to earn clues about our suspect! We all managed to solve the crime; well done to the Eagles Detective Squad!


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Chinese New Year

We have looked at Chinese New Year customs and Chinese culture today, also exploring a Chinese pentatonic scale on the glockenspiels. We then used charcoal to recreate a famous landscape by Shen Zhou. We have also tried different Chinese food too!


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Bills, bills bills!

In maths, we had a refresher on using negative numbers. This involved managing a pretend bank account. We calculated money in and money out, coming to the conclusion that we had spent too much, as our balance was negative!

More map-reading skills

We went down to Stacksteads recreation grounds to have a go at practising our six-figure grid references. We had a great time in the mud too! 😆

Map reading in Geography

We used satellite images and relief maps to show where different mountains were in the UK.  We then looked at using OS maps to work out four and six figure grid references. 

Continuous Provision


We have been looking at how much information we reveal online and whether our ‘digital footprint’ is a positive or a negative.

Seeds and Gardeners at Christmas

Adverbials in the Basement

In an effort to up-level our writing, Eagles experienced our school basement today! The dim and musty conditions were a great stimulus for our writing based on our class text “Crater Lake”.

The Circulatory System

In our last science lesson, Eagles class had the opportunity to experience the heart up close. We handled sheep hearts and observed the different chambers and valves in an effort to answer the question: “why is one side of the heart thicker than the other?”

Music Lessons

We are currently exploring the music of Gyorgy Ligeti, a very inventive composer who focused his work on textures and timbres.  We have begun to recreate some of his work after exploring his ‘Poeme Symphonique’.  We have started by exploring drum timbres...

Exploring place value


We have been proving mathematical statements using practical resources in maths, with a particular emphasis on decimal numbers.

Reading Circles

Every day, our Eagles class hold a reading book club where we follow a text read by our peers. At the end of September, Lancashire launch the Fantastic Book Awards and we take part in this scheme (more details to come). 

Our first day in Eagles Class



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