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St Joseph’s participates in Operation Encompass.
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Design and Technology

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Design and Technology

The exciting things I will learn in Design and Technology at St Joseph's are: 

At St Joseph's we follow the National Curriculum for Design and Technology. In Design and Technology we will learn about food technology, mechanisms, textiles, electrical systems, computing to program, monitor and control products and structures.


The exciting things that take place in Design and Technology are:

  • Learning how to work with a range of materials and tools to create a specific product.
  • Displaying our work in classrooms and in the corridors to create a sense of achievement and purpose.
  • Working in a range of relevant contexts for example the school, home, playground and wider environment.
  • Learning how to take risks.

Why do I need to know this?

By teaching Design and Technology we aim to help pupils:

  • Use a wide range of tools safely and effectively.
  • To engage in an iterative process of design.
  • To design, make, evaluate and develop technical knowledge.
  • To become resourceful, innovative, enterprising and capable citizens.

Policies related to this subject:

 Autumn 1Autumn 2Spring 1Spring 2Summer 1Summer 2
Year 1 Mechanisms - pop ups and simple card levers Food - preparing and combining foods Structures - stability and strength
Year 2 Mechanisms - wheels and axles Food - the eatwell plate, where food comes from, principles of a healthy diet Textiles - using a template,  simple joining, choice of stitches, choice of materials
Year 3 Food - simple dish - the eatwell plate Mechanical systems - levers and linkages Structures - shell/frame structures and strengthening
Year 4 ICT and electrical systems - control and electrical components


 Textiles - seams, stiffening and strengthening, materials and fastenings Food - simple savoury food and cooking techniques
Year 5 Food - food from another culture, variety of cooking techniques Mechanical systems - cams, pulleys and gears/ structures 3D Textiles - using gussets, using patterns, joining with seam allowance, combining fabrics
Year 6 Food - chefs, food heroes, designing a healthy menu/eatwell plate   Combining learning from across design and technology skills bases - structures, mechanical systems, electrical systems, ICT programming and control